Protection of stainless steel tee material


2018-10-18 14:48

1. The stainless steel three-way material should be placed in the closed box, the open box should be covered by canvas, and the end of the pipe should be sealed by plastic cover.


2. Stainless steel pipes shall not be affected by impurities such as carbon steel when placed, and shall be stored in a dry room as far as possible to avoid contact with moisture, dust, salt water, iron and other pollutants.


3. When processing stainless steel, avoid carbon steel materials stored in the working area around the working site. Rubber can be used to wrap carbon steel parts to prevent iron pollution of stainless steel.


4. Do not touch the stainless steel workpiece with your hands or dirty gloves when processing stainless steel. Wear clean labor protection articles when processing.


5. Stainless steel processing tools should be used in accordance with the stainless steel processing requirements, and should be marked with easy-to-identify signs to show that it is only used in stainless steel processing, (table, fixture, crowbar, slag hammer, hammer, hammer, steel wire brush, grinder, saw and other tools should be stainless steel three-way material). The lifting rope is clean nylon rope and other materials in line with stainless steel lifting tools.


6. When installing the stainless steel pipe on the ship, the pipe mouth shall be 100% sealed, and the pipe shall be handled with care.


7. All electric welding belts, oxyacetylene belts, grinding air pipes and temporary lighting lines are strictly forbidden to pass through the stainless steel pipes.


8. After the stainless steel pipes are installed on the ship and passivated, the surface of the pipes shall be tied with three-proof canvas for protection. Do not walk on the stainless steel.


9. Temporary fittings and supports are made of stainless steel. If pressure or bending tools are used, protective plates shall be installed where they may come into contact with the stainless steel.



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