Shandong Mingxing Metal Technology Co., LTD


2018-07-25 16:52

Shandong Mingxing Metal Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as xintai xiaogang coal mine casting steel factory, was founded in September 1995, and now has nearly 20 years of production history. The company is now located at the foot of taishan xintai high-tech development zone. Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai expressway and beijing-fuzhou expressway, convenient transportation.

The company covers an area of over 60 mu, with more than 220 employees, 20 engineers and 2 senior engineers. Registered capital 10 million yuan, fixed assets 36 million yuan. It has 4 advanced medium frequency induction melting furnaces (150kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 8000kg). Two imported direct - reading spectrometer and three carbon - sulfur analyzer. Rapid and accurate pre-furnace analysis, stable and reliable product quality. 6 large and medium heat treatment furnaces; More than 10 sets of equipment including shot blasting, cleaning, sand blasting and passivation. Equipped with mechanical processing and measurement, physical testing, non-destructive inspection and other testing equipment and instruments to ensure stable product performance.

Our company's precision casting products now have silicon sol, glass, composite mold shell production technology, sand casting products use phenolic resin sand and glass sand and other production processes. The main products are corrosion resistant stainless steel, double phase stainless steel, heat resistant stainless steel, carbon steel and various alloy steel, alloy iron, etc. Our products cover vacuum pump, fluid pump, ship, nuclear power, automobile, textile, mining, construction, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries and fields. Products are sold all over the country, and exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Canada, Israel, Taiwan and other countries and regions, deeply favored by users. Our company has advanced casting technology, advanced technology and reliable quality. Is a collection of precision casting, sand casting and machinery processing in one of the rare modern foundry enterprises, can meet users of a variety of processes and materials of the product requirements, greatly reduce the procurement costs.

Our company will provide high quality products, reasonable prices and comprehensive services. We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create brilliant future together.


Japanese businessmen come to our mingxing foundry company for inspection

On March 25, Japanese businessmen came to our mingxing foundry company for inspection, and spoke highly of the quality of our products. The picture shows feng xianyuan, general manager of mingxing foundry and company leaders accompanying and introducing the company's products and company development.

2019/02/28 15:08

Responsible person for Israel to introduce products

The picture shows that the leaders of the company are introducing the company's products and future development to Israeli customers

2019/02/28 15:07

American businessmen visit the production site

The picture shows the leaders of the company introducing the company's products to American businessmen

2019/02/28 15:06

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